The training gear sanlam
Prepare for full immersion under the water and learn the secrets of freediving that will help you fully enjoy your stay under water! (!) For teaching freediving is not necesarily…

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Workout on a treadmill Dorozhka
Below, we give you a few examples of cardio on the treadmill at home. The order in which provides training – in ascending order. Workout 1 easy and perfect for…

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The coach’s advice

Eight-time world champion, three-time Olympic medalist in the women’s 400 meters

Natalia Nazarova Discipline: Running

One of the most important factors when training is choosing the right shoes for running. No sneakers! This is better to forget. If you have seriously decided to run — buy a light, comfortable running shoes. If you in fact are les experienced, it is best to contact the salesperson at the store, because uncomfortable or the wrong shoes can be a serious problem.
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The core of sunflower seeds for sprouting from the company the Yoga club Agonda, ID 759643

The sunflower kernel are characterized by many useful comments for improving the health of modern man. In the first place – it’s their biological value, which is much higher compared to the popular protein products like meat and eggs. Sunflower kernels on the content of vitamin D is superior to fish oil. And it is radiant and clear skin, strong and shiny hair, strong teeth, nails and bones.

The core of sunflower seeds contain large amounts of amino acids, such as palmitic, Archidona, linoleic, oleic and stearic acids, hold down fat metabolism of the body, give the body to age prematurely, to accumulate Continue reading

The training gear sanlam

Cycle-aerobics ( spinning) — the type of fitnes. combining aerobic exercise and weight training. In fact it is training in the gym on the complex simulators. but in an environment of beautiful natural scenery. Spinning interesting and effective. Creates a feeling of running in the woods or Park. psychologically such training transferred much easier. A spinning clas will help get rid of extra pounds and strengthen various muscle groups. However lazy on cycle aerobics and nothing to do! Even the entry level cycle-aerobics gives a very large load.

One of the key elements of cycle-aerobics — a special exercise bike. Before clas, the instructor explains. what to do with the system of gear change and adjustment training. The position of the body at the time of Continue reading

Union Fitnes. Union Fitnes is an elite fitnes center. Wellnes centers - Beauty and health
The directory organizations Kolomna Union Fitnes. Union Fitnes is an elite fitnes center. Services (Club card "BASIC"): Keeping things in the safe at the club reception The posible suspension of…


Sixth fitnes party for fans of a healthy lifestyle - Neftekamsk. Northwest RB -
On December 19 in the nightclub ’s Teatro" will be the Sixth city fitnes-party. The organizers of the party, as in previous years, became a sports center “Safari” and the…

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