Preparation for competitions staged by striking technique, blackout kick - Tolyatti - Other
1. Prepare for competitions in martial arts, and where there is a need to study the shock technique, put knockout blow. It can be Boxing, kick-Boxing, martial arts, any kind…

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Fitnes and an active lifestyle - the key to physical health
Scientists are sounding the alarm, as the number of people with obesity in the modern world is beginning to reach dangerous levels. According to scientists, today more than 60% of…

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Kids games outdoors

5 children’s games for a fun-filled holidays out of town

Well, finally, the may holidays! Plan a family outside the city, to breathe fresh air and play with the children. But… wait, what play? We will offer you five games-on training that will delight not only children, but also parents. Don’t forget, along with the grills and caseroles with meat to take the attributes for games, it’s important!


Well, what could be easier? A pair of rackets, two shuttlecocks (because at least one will be lost for sure!). Fresh air, clearing and you and your

kids play this sports game. Fun and activity is guaranteed at 100%!

Launching a kite

The ball

This attribute is very vititsa in any game. The mas of options: and volleyball, and soccer, and “Saji”, and “Out of the circle was eliminated, and whatever you want. You should definitely take at least two balls (volleyball and football) to play with the kids in all of the above games.

Soap bubbles

And it’s a great idea to relax and to amuse the kids. While you are relaxing, away from the ball, a kite and badminton, blow bubbles, your children will run under them to pop them and laugh. Once get tired – please pas on the reins of soap bubbles and let them polydomous millions of bubbles.

Recipe of soap bubbles: 3 cups of water to combine with a glas of liquid dishwashing and add half a Cup of glycerin. So many of the initial material you can make even precipitation in the form of soap bubbles!

Bedtime stories

If your stay is long, and you decided to go out of town overnight, then you certainly need to organize ricostruire stories. Remember the tales, horror stories, funny stories – your children will be impresed, and remember the holidays in may for a long time!

Scandinavian hadba
  Every Saturday and Sunday at the observation deck on the Sparrow hills, and also at the entrance to ski-rollaway track in Odintsovo. Price: free to all members of fitnes…


The training gear sanlam
Cycle-aerobics ( spinning) — the type of fitnes. combining aerobic exercise and weight training. In fact it is training in the gym on the complex simulators. but in an environment…

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