Finished a set of exercises for morning exercises

Best set of exercises for morning exercises

The content

Morning exercise helps the body to Wake up faster . to invigorate the mind and provide a physical tone for the muscles.

The regularity of charging promotes weight los.

Correctly chosen complexes to practice and improve blood circulation and lead to normal metabolism.

Morning exercises sometimes is the only physical activity . therefore, it cannot be neglected.

Here’s 4 reasons why you should include morning exercises in the schedule for the day. The main condition is the consistency! We have prepared a special set of exercises that takes only 15-20 minutes .

The rules build a morning exercise

For a morning workout suitable for a quiet exercise. The complex should be compiled without including the heavy loads on the body. The body after sleep relaxed, the main task is to stretch your muscles . to improve blood circulation, nourish the body with oxygen and energy. Besides power load in the morning, unwanted, suffering the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

In the complex of exercises for morning exercises includes:

The warm-up . Any physical facility should begin with a warm-up. This prevents stretching, improves skin tone, increases blood flow to the muscles. Ligaments become more flexible. Warm-up takes about 5 minutes.

Core exercises . The rest of the complex charging takes about 10-15 minutes. Exercise of higher intensity and work different muscle groups.

To begin charging not allowed to drink a glas of water, and do not forget quietly and breathe deeply. Now detail on each item.


Stretching is based on rotation, flexion and bending. They are aimed at restoring joint function of the body.