Physical activity pancreatitis
It is advisable to begin physical exercise in a good mood and in between meals. There should be feelings of fatigue, breathlesnes, pain in the muscles. Types of training: yoga;…

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Became known, the minimum amount of physical activity to stay healthy
Scientists at Taiwan's National research Institute of health has identified the minimum amount of physical activity needed to maintain their body in good shape. During the experiment, involving more than…

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Scandinavian hadba

The benefits of Nordic walking

The benefit of Nordic walking is undeniable. As a result of regular practice improves the function of many organs and systems in the human body.

Regulation of blood presure.


Regulation of glucose level in the blood.

Increase resistance to infections.

Increases endurance.

Improves the condition of the spine, strengthens bones, decreases lower back pain.

Activates the metabolism and fat metabolism, weight is reduced.

Delays the aging proces of the human body, improve the quality of life in old age.

Decreases the number of asthma attacks.

Improves the lymphatic system.

Strengthens the nervous system.

There are no age restrictions. But before you start clases, a doctor’s consultation, You will receive in the resort “Ob”. There are some contraindications.


Severe heart disease, heart attack, stroke.

Very high presure.

A serious spinal injury.

Pregnancy(only allowed short and easy distance).

Diabetes, thrombophlebitis(severe).

Acute infection accompanied by high fever.

However, any newcomer should start with the more easy by degree of difficulty and short distances, gradually increasing the time and load.