Quitting Smoking will help the sport
Children of school age to smoke is not only here but also overseas. The researchers decided to conduct a special study to find out what impact can have on smokers…

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Dance school in Moscow - Dance School - Why you should practice yoga - Trinity Dance
Groups at Kursk! Dance school - Why you should practice yoga Yoga practice involves an individual approach to each. In itself the practice of yoga is a very personal and…

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Electric treadmill, manual treadmill, types of tracks

Types of treadmills

Treadmill is the most popular simulator used to practice at home. and in fitnes centers. Wrong, there is no such program for losing weight or keeping yourself in shape in the list of exercises which would include training on the treadmill.

Treadmills come in three basic types . mechanical, electrical, magnetic. Consider each type in more detail.

The disadvantage, but also dignity mechanical treadmill is that in order to bring it into motion efforts are required of the student. The treadmill

belt is moving only when it walks or runs. You have to put a lot of effort that’s not all happy. However, studies on mechanical treadmill is quite effective. Moreover, it is very compact and inexpensive .

Mechanical treadmill

Magnetic treadmill running due to the influence of a magnet. The movement is more smooth in comparison with a mechanical track, you can adjust the level of the load without changing the angle of inclination. These tracks are more expensive, but they are more convenient and practical.

Electric treadmill – the most modern and convenient option, but the price of it may be somewhat biting. In motion this track is driven by electric motor, they already have various programs speed. You can start clases. for example, with a speed setting of 5.5, gradually bringing it up to 8 to 9 km per hour, then at the end of the workout to go back to a lower speed.