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Dance school – Why you should practice yoga

Yoga practice involves an individual approach to each. In itself the practice of yoga is a very personal and individual, but there are things that are suitable to all or at least most of the population. Yoga brings a more conscious attitude towards the world and yourself, first principles of Patanjali’s astanga yoga (one of the fundamental works on yoga) defines universal principles and personal hygiene, as a basis for personal growth and advancement in yoga. Without these principles is simply not posible – it is primarily a science.

Yoga studies proceses in the body, the influence of respiration on the emotions and state of mind, the birth and development of thoughts, intellect, memory, ego, and also the more subtle realms of consciousnes. Yoga studies the mind that perceives the world through the five senses and leads to the realization of a centre, which is beyond the mind and senses, but at the same time includes them and is able to observe them, to control. This area, in which you need the guidance of someone who is already there, in the center.

This is the area that we have yet to explore and which is difficult to understand at the level of intelligence, it is the sea of all posibilities and ocean energy. But the fact that this area has is the fact given to us by many famous yoga masters of the past and present. Real Yoga, like any science, discards false and groundles fantasies, and perceptions, all the things that can divert our mind from the truth, from our center, from Love.

And leaves only the fact of existence, Love, Smile, Joy.