Proper breathing when lightly running

Good day, dear athletes! In the previous topic — the correct running (easy) we have reviewed the main elements: the right position and overall technique. But there is one important element — the breath.

The theme of breathing while running at short distances (easy running) enough suvanna, but few people know how to breathe correctly. And the main false theories spread by students who know everything. Asking a question in the search engines, you run into answers «OOO… Is the whole procedure», etc. for Example, there is such a theory as «one of three», which States that on step 3 inhale through the nose, for the

next three — exhale through the mouth. Some «special» personality asure that need to do 2 breaths at 1 breath… some of the recommendations is just ridiculous.

How to breathe correctly while running.

I will not pull that in General the whole secret: Breathe as breathe. Your body knows how to breathe, and all sorts of the arguments of the theorists he doesn’t need. Just start running and breathing thing will work out. If after a short distance you will feel hard to breathe, it is likely the fact that you are not accustomed to run through a few workouts must change. Let’s say, in this period, the body will get used to run and develop our respiratory system. Optionally, you can teach yourself to one of the methods, the worst of this mill, but not necesarily. Nice runs!

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