Sixth fitnes party for fans of a healthy lifestyle – Neftekamsk. Northwest RB –

On December 19 in the nightclub ’s Teatro” will be the Sixth city fitnes-party. The organizers of the party, as in previous years, became a sports center “Safari” and the “H”.

The program of the holiday be rich: summing up the year, the awarding of certificates for regular customers, the annual raffle tickets and various bonuses from sports clubs, choirs clients, flash mobs, prizes, buffet and

disco. As well as gifts, certificates and pleasant moments from sponsors and partners of the party.

This year the regular participants of the party – and this is a well-known sports clubs ‘Safari” . “Favorite” . «Wined” . “Amazon” . “Techno” – will be joined by newcomers – “athletic hall” Agency “Avelina” . Regulars of clubs have produced outstanding performances in different styles – from belly dancing to fashion «waking” . Leading party company «Doctorado” Denis and Denis Ganiev Starodubov eagerly waiting for the guests to really let loose! A lot of competitions, laughter and positive for this evening provided!

The culmination of the evening, according to tradition, will become a cake from Neftekamsk bakery . as well as a raffle for all guests. The main prize of the lottery, like last year, the ticket from travel Agency “7 roads” in the Park “Riviera” ( Kazan ).

And then – disco, where, as they say, everybody dance! You until the morning!