Metaforum – How to lose weight with Running

Actually, a very good article gone unnoticed. Meanwhile, out there understands why quite often when preparing for a marathon racers instead of weight los gain it, despite the fact that want to lose weight. In fact, if you do not keep up on the diet, drink sweet tea with scones, then no long run will not help you in the fight against obesity. This well illustrates the “Olympic race” Dmitry Yerokhin, which ran every day for 60 km and 26 days overcame 1600 km, and for all the mileage lost weight only 7 kg, and, in principle, not even 7, and 3, since the weight of the runner was 90 kg.

I gues before the race runner intentionally recovered, but those extra 4 pounds came off during the first week. “For the first 8 days of running Dmitry lost 3 kg of Weight from 94 to to 91.1 kg.”

Judging by the last video, just a day after the finish, the weight returned to normal. If the video during the race face was thin and haggard that resembled a state of what happens on carbohydrate unloading, the last interview shows that there was a full load carbohydrates. The truth that there is muscle and fat is not clear, but based on weight, nothing dramatic happened.

Thus, running on a 60 km daily for 30 days in a row, eating normal food at a roadside cafe and drinking a few cups of sweet tea with a bun, you will not face a catastrophic decline in weight. The main thing is not to run fast.