Fitnes and an active lifestyle – the key to physical health

Scientists are sounding the alarm, as the number of people with obesity in the modern world is beginning to reach dangerous levels.

According to scientists, today more than 60% of the female half of the population are overweight. This means that they are at risk for cardiovascular disease. This leads to razvitiyu hypertension, it can lead to elevated levels of glucose and high triglycerides.

Overweight greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. From here follows, that without fitnes to do practically nothing, reported the online portal Myjane.

The researchers conclude that people are very important to begin to deal with overweight and its consequences. For the contract to achieve succes in this busines can not do without fitnes and active lifestyle is very difficult. Every person who wants to be healthy needs to make their lives physically active: Jogging, Biking, acces to the fitnes centers where it is installed, for example, a treadmill of the company Life Fitnes .

In the proces study found that women who were more active life, much les risked the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Based on this, scientists were able to conclude that physical activity really has great potential as an effective prophylactic agent that helps protect the body from heart disease.