Lena Miro new year fitnes motivation

There is such a habit is to start a new life after the New year. Good intentions usually are not implemented, and a fat pig, drunk on holiday, prodoljaet all year to eat.

And why? But because she has no motivation.

Short daylight hours, total natural outside dullnes does not enhance mood and attitude to clas. Before the summer is still far, time — solves the

thick stuff, Pobjeda remnants of salads from the table. In the end, of course, she has no time, because in may twitch too late. To walk her entire vacation in pareo, hiding underneath the cellulite.

Let’s try to reverse this trend?

The best motivation to practice, in my opinion, are the before and after pictures. And not some sort of drawn and otfotoshopili in advertising people, and the most that neither is real.

Ordinary girl, same as you, pased their way out of the body of the pig and turned into people. Did it, and so can any. Isn’t that the best motivation and example?

Those pigs who seriously gave the floor to do them, saw his fat carcas, too. By summer we’ll come back to this post and look at those who have not dropped out and became a man. Or sikota? So, your intention — about anything.

Bunny, those who were able to transform themselves, saw the photo in the comments for those who have yet to do them. To see the result, that they may believe in themselves. Show your succeses, help fat!