Quitting Smoking will help the sport
Children of school age to smoke is not only here but also overseas. The researchers decided to conduct a special study to find out what impact can have on smokers…

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Fitnes motivation or how not to throw to go to the fitnes
Motivation to go to the fitnes. What does it represent? Overall, it's pretty clear. Workout, healthy lifestyle, good humor - all this is the bright side of modern fitnes. But,…

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Exercise morning exercise, exercise at work, exercises on relaxation


Everyone wants to be healthy. Because physical health is the natural state of the body due to normal operation of all its organs and systems.

Did You know that under vliyanie exercise faster heart propels the blood through the vesels. And besides, thanks to physical exercise . enhanced respiration and gas exchange, which improves the functioning of brain that needs almost two times more oxygen than the heart.

No time for the gym? And do not! Because there is physical exercise . you

can do at home and even at work. You need to allocate only 15 – 20 minutes a day!

You find it difficult to get up in the morning? Want to raise the tone before beginning a complex and serious cases and create a charge of vivacity for the entire labor day? This will help You a morning exercise

You probably noticed that usually after an hour and a half of mental work begin to appear the first signs of fatigue: reduces the speed of asimilation of information, scattered attention, difficulty remembering… So it’s time to take a little break and to perform simple physical exercises .

You are tired and want to relax after hard work, to regain strength and vigor that will help you to do exercises on relaxation .

Of particular interest are complexes of exercises aimed at improving posture. These systems will help You improve your appearance.

Performing physical exercise, You will find yourself in a world of new sensations, positive emotions, will gain a good mood, vigor, vitality, will feel a surge of strength.