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Quitting Smoking will help the sport
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How to choose running shoes

Once the material of the special project “School run” New Balance is about the main criteria for choosing running shoes.

While running, our feet take over the load several times higher than the weight of the body. Critics say: it’s so bad that after a few months of running on asphalt we become disabled. The good news is that it is not true. In addition to natural attenuation, which is performed by our feet, repaying the incoming load, there is a special Shoe that makes running more comfortable and safe.

To choose the correct running shoes you need to know some basic data with which and you will go to the store:

the structure of your foot (pronation type),

the type of workouts that are going to perform,

surface on which to run.

Also, your choice will depend on the level of running and physical training.

1. Pronation

The first step is to determine the type of arch or pronation. This is a key point when choosing sneakers that will allow you to properly adjust the distribution of the load on the joints and ligaments.

Usually the arch of the foot of man performs the role of natural shock absorber when you touch the surface: it becomes flatter, reducing the shock loading. This is correct, a normal variant pronation (called “neutral” ).

Depreciation of the foot while running

Runners with neutral pronation is easier to choose running shoes: they’ll fit most models on the market. From the line of New Balance models 880, 890 and 980 (Fresh Foam).

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