Physical activity pancreatitis

It is advisable to begin physical exercise in a good mood and in between meals. There should be feelings of fatigue, breathlesnes, pain in the muscles.

Types of training:




breathing exercises.

Recognised as one of the allowed sets of exercises is breathing exercises. A masage of the affected organ, with the periodic contraction and relaxation of the abdominal muscles and the special methods built on alternating breaths.

A scheme of medical training

Any physical activity should be structured. The program must be individually tailored. Exercises for development of muscles of hands, usually, does not affect the condition of the pancreas.

Exercises that improve blood circulation:

Consistently inhale and exhale. After that you should hold your breath, counting to three, to make a smooth inhale. It is necesary to relax the abdominal muscles.

When you exhale you need to round a stomach and linger in this state for 3 seconds and then relax the muscles.

To pause in the middle of the inhale for a couple of seconds for best performance the aperture. After the pause should not stop the breath, and to bring it to the end. Air need mental downward to the abdomen. To withstand another pause at the peak of inhalation and, after waiting a little, contract the abdomen and 6 seconds exhale.

Prohibited activities:

country tilts;



These exercises can provoke complications of the disease, it is necesary to avoid excesive presure on the 12-duodenal gut to fight the bile back.