Physical activity for pohudeniya


Those who want to lose weight properly (read: no harm to health and for a long time), choose for themselves the path to proper nutrition and exercise. Generally, women want to try a particular exercise, to determine what they prefer. But, however, if we were to do, what you want is not in vain, and so that the marks are all gone for sure. But what to choose? What load will be the most effective?


To begin, you should understand that there are two ways to perform workouts

that promote the burning of fat reserves. Applying one of them to be effective any physical exercise.

The first method involves lengthy training at a slow pace. It can be long walks or slow but prolonged Cycling (stationary bike ). But keep in mind in order to achieve the effect, in such training, you should spend at least three hours. It was then the body will start to burn more fat than carbohydrates.

The second method involves an intense workout. Well burn fat fast running or Biking cros. Unlike the first method, the weight los begins in 15-20 minutes after you start exercising.

Which method you choose — you decide. Perhaps you prefer to run slowly, but several hours. But note that for this we need a lot of free time. Or maybe you a shorter distance but faster? If your body does not resist — please. In fact, you can apply these techniques to other types of physical activity.