Respiratory gimnastika

Proper breathing during labor, pain relief and aid in combat. Healthy breathing during pregnancy, prevention of hypoxia in the baby.

3 times per week, 55 min.

In the Family center clases breathing exercises for pregnant women. From that, whether the mother’s breathing during pregnancy and childbirth, the health and the baby and her own.

That the child was developing well in mom’s tummy, he needs a lot of oxygen. To give him the necesary we can, having mastered the technique of deep breathing. Most of us in ordinary life breathes superficially, and the

city’s air is poor in oxygen. In addition, during pregnancy because of physiological reasons, the level of hemoglobin in the blood decreases. Special breathing exercises help to compensate for this deficit. This is an excellent tool for the prevention of hypoxia in the baby.

Proper breathing – one of the main components of soft, succesful delivery. This skill is necesary during pregnancy to automate, in battles will not have the time to remember – “what I should do??”. While you need to exercise more, then in childbirth will be easier.


Respiratory training exercises in our Family center consist of two parts.

First – the breath during pregnancy.

Second – breathing in childbirth. At a different clas, we parse the 4 themes.

1. The harbingers.

2. Breath in combat. How to ease the pain.

3. The voice as a pain reliever.