Scientists in the practice of Yoga to do naked

NEW YORK, July 13. About girls body practices such as yoga, scientists around the world have said for quite some time. However, some time ago, experts also found that there is a way to further enhance the positive effect of such training, says Raut .

As it turned out, even better to practice yoga… without clothes. According to one of the most famous new York teachers of the practice of ISIS Phoenix, this is the only way to experience the true fullnes and authenticity of the training.

In addition to special physical pleasure and undeniable health benefits, from the point of view of supporters of this option practice, one can obtain some psychological benefits, expresed in the strengthening of self-confidence and increase self-esteem. According to the testimony of Mr. Phoenix, from his personal experience, during the first training involved, of course, shy and embarrased, however, each time they reveal more and more that has a positive effect on their daily lives.

In addition, in the opinion of the instructor, workout in the Nude to help women learn to accept your body the way it is and not worry about not always available in reality drawbacks. However, according to profesional experts, such as Profesor medical school name Miller at the University of Miami Janet Konefal, health is much more useful to engage in special clothes, such as spandex, which not only does not restrict movement, but also protects girls from infections.