I international scientific-practical conference «Lingvocognitive and language structures" Regional scientific-practical conference for students, postgraduates, young scientists "Language and the world: current trends in teaching foreign languages in higher education" IV…

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Breathing exercises by Strelnikova
Exercises breathing exercises Strelnikova, breathing exercises strengthens the walls of blood vesels. And this gymnastics for a year put on your feet and almost without pills threw all the pills…

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Bodyflex. Breathing exercises for women.

Master clas for mastering the art of Bodyflex designed for women who are interested in slimnes, youth and beauty of your body.

Bodyflex is a breathing exercise that promotes weight los, wrinkle reduction and cellulite reduction, as well as makes the muscles elastic, and the body in General is a healthy, slender and energetic. Despite the relaxed pace of exercise, calories are burned several times faster than with vigorous running.

This master clas is designed for women who are interested in slimnes, youth and beauty of your body.

Date and time: March 22 10:00 – 13:30

In the program of the master clas:

Basic theory;

The practical part;

Fixing the errors;

And during the break will be tasting green smoothie, which is indeed food of the gods!

Cost: 150 000 Bel. RUB


To have a change of comfortable clothing (loose pants, comfortable shirt, socks). It is advisable not to eat tightly before clas. And to have inspiration on small victories and good mood! 😉