Workout on a treadmill Dorozhka

Below, we give you a few examples of cardio on the treadmill at home. The order in which provides training – in ascending order. Workout 1 easy and perfect for those who are just starting their familiarity with fitnes. At the end – the most effective and challenging workout. You can easily adapt the workout to your capabilities and desires – change the length or the ratio of load:rest, incline and / or speed). We merely want to show you examples of exercises that will help you become healthier and lose weight. Use simulators Intensor at 100%.

All treadmills Intensor have a variety of built-in programs. In manual mode

(“manual mode”) you can set the desired speed and incline manually. Thanks to manual mode you can adjust the existing program “under” and ask you any required training mode. Before you start training, make sure the room is well ventilated and you have enough drinking water.

1. Training – Walking

Below we provide training for beginners on a treadmill. Despite the fact that the load is minimum and for the maximum effect from the workout, watch the pulse. To do this, use the contact sensors on the handlebars or a wireles chest sensor.

Step 1. Warm-up

Lift the walking belt – 3%; rate – 5 km/h. the duration of the warm-up – 2-3 minutes.