Running How to increase stamina

Doubt “ebash in the hall” such a result is almost imposible to achieve. And if you actually have to run a sprint, then do not ask such questions.

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I need 2 months to take the standard 1 km in 3.20 seconds. I ask those who are engaged in athletics or just fumbles to help me advance now 1 km approximately 3.50 anticipating)

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Only interval work will give a good result. But then again, can cros in 5 minutes then crawl, if you recover in no time. How many times a week you train?

For example: W warm-up, stretches 400-500m, the number of repetitions and rest intervals don’t know what to advise. But why it seems that 4-5 times in 2-3 minutes of rest is enough. It is advisable to do all the segments one at time. Gets too quickly – the last will crawl, or do not do. You need to learn to distribute the forces. Definitely be jammed and then stretch.

FRI warm-up, 5-has become 10 times bigger on through 200m 200m walk, hitch

The next day after each interval of work (WED and SAT), if posible, it is advisable to do the rehab exercises – slow Jogging and stretching.

If you seem easy another interval workout add. Calves will be hammered so that walking will be hard.

3-4 weeks of intensive work, then recovery week (croses)

then it is necesary to bring itself to pas the standard.

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