Stretching in the office

October 17 – news of Vladimir. We continue our regular column that will help Vladimirtsev to improve its shape. This week fitnes instructor Simon Zhdanov told me about an effective exercise for office workers. For these exercises you will need to dedicate just 5 minutes. Workout you can

perform in the workplace — it will recover and give your body energy.

Exercise for back muscles

Sitting straight in a chair before the table, stretch the hands in front of him. Without lifting his hand from the surface of the table begin to round the back. Then straightened and the most compresible of the scapula. Who is easy, you can steer clear further from the table, not to hold breath. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times.

Stretching for the muscles of the abdominals

Stand up, your palms are on the edge of the table — fingers “look down”, feet allot a bit ago and prohiben back compresing the shoulder blades. This exercise is done not on the number of repetitions, at the time. In this position need to hold for about 40 seconds.

Stretching for the muscles of the legs

Sit on a chair put the ankle of one leg on the other knee. Begin to pres the hand on the knee of the bent leg, thereby stretching the muscles. Hold this position for 40 seconds. It was the same with the second leg.

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