The training gear sanlam
Cycle-aerobics ( spinning) — the type of fitnes. combining aerobic exercise and weight training. In fact it is training in the gym on the complex simulators. but in an environment…

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The training gear sanlam
Prepare for full immersion under the water and learn the secrets of freediving that will help you fully enjoy your stay under water! (!) For teaching freediving is not necesarily…

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The coach’s advice

Eight-time world champion, three-time Olympic medalist in the women’s 400 meters

Natalia Nazarova Discipline: Running

One of the most important factors when training is choosing the right shoes for running. No sneakers! This is better to forget. If you have seriously decided to run — buy a light, comfortable running shoes. If you in fact are les experienced, it is best to contact the salesperson at the store, because uncomfortable or the wrong shoes can be a serious problem.

European champion 2010 in the relay race 4×400, silver medalist of the European championship in the women’s 400 meters world champion of the Universiade in Kazan

Ksenia Stalowa Discipline: Running

Top tip — always listen to your body. There are many benefits and rules on the run, but more importantly is to approach their workouts seriously, based on their own feelings. You should start gradually. Everyone is different: for someone one lap around the stadium is already a victory, and someone on the first day of workouts and mile run.

But before any workout it is important to eat right. Before run should not eat dense food: for example, a jar of yogurt, banana and chocolate tea is fine. The last meal should be at least one hour before the start of clases. If during the run felt tingling, it is better to go for a walk, do a couple of exercises on breathing.

After Jogging you need to pay attention to exercises on stretching of the muscles, this will help avoid fatigue and pain as well as injuries.

What sport is better for weight los
It's no secret that one of the most effective ways to say goodbye to exces weight are regular exercise. Due to physical activity. we become stronger, more resilient. Besides after…


Increased endurance – sports nutrition Herbalife 24.
Now athletes can easily achieve the best results. after all, in the Rusian market already has sports nutrition Herbalife 24 – improved performance. To be succesful during prolonged training and…

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