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News Everyone wants to be healthy. Because physical health is the natural state of the body due to normal operation of all its organs and systems. Did You know that…

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Metaforum - How to lose weight with Running
Actually, a very good article gone unnoticed. Meanwhile, out there understands why quite often when preparing for a marathon racers instead of weight los gain it, despite the fact that…

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Nordic walking

Recently become increasingly popular Nordic walking (walking in the fresh air with the use of special sticks). It is believed that this kind of walk is more effective than traditional walking. What is the reason?

1. Clinically proven that, when Nordic walking training more than 90% of all muscles of the body.

2. At the expense of the poles is reduced presure on the knees and joints; load from its own body weight on the lumbar spine, the joints of the legs decreases to 35%

3. Burns 20% more calories than normal walking

4. Toned muscles are upper and lower extremities simultaneously.

5. The therapeutic effect in the treatment of diseases of the spine is more pronounced than when walking without poles


– Diseases of cardiovascular system: angina IV, unstable angina, cardiac arrhythmia, impaired atrioventricular conduction high degrees, NC IIB and higher arterial hypertension with consistently high diastolic presure above 110 mm Hg systolic blood presure above 180 mm Hg

Clases can be individual and group. Nordic walking is recommended to do every day.

In terms of the resort “IPAS Spa” method Nordic walking introduced not so long ago, but campers Expres their positive feedback: note that there is no strong physical exertion, and after walking a feeling of vigor and lightnes. Nordic walking is included in the treatment program for correction.

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Types of treadmills Treadmill is the most popular simulator used to practice at home. and in fitnes centers. Wrong, there is no such program for losing weight or keeping yourself…


Breathing exercises by Strelnikova
Exercises breathing exercises Strelnikova, breathing exercises strengthens the walls of blood vesels. And this gymnastics for a year put on your feet and almost without pills threw all the pills…

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