Bench pres “Record” RK – 27. Penza

(at the exchange rate on 01 may 2015 approximately $ 146.66 or € 131.21 )

The trainer is made of high quality steel (height-2 mm), so the bench will serve for a long time.

Has a unique design. The back angle can be changed – 9-position backrest!


Elastic cushions securely fixed to the legs and knees in a static position. When folded occupies a minimum of space, so the bench can be stored in a closet or on the balcony.

Unfolded length ranges from 1 to 1, 3 M.

Resistant frames (HH mm) made of durable 2 mm steel profile, capable of withstand the tremendous load (up to 320 kg).

A bench upholstered in quality faux leather. Even after several years of operation, the material doesn’t wear out and break. All the seams are hidden

adjustment and connection mechanisms are strengthened.

Bench pres is very versatile by adjusting the angle of inclination. Ideal for training direct and oblique abdominal muscles,

and also when doing physical therapy and rehabilitation after injuries. A special pen performs a safety function, and for advanced athletes —

to do the exercises to “failure”,

Allowable weight of the athlete – 130 lbs.

Maximum load of 320 kg.

Weight – 12 kg.

Unfolded length of from 1 to 1, 3 M.

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