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Workout on a treadmill Dorozhka
Below, we give you a few examples of cardio on the treadmill at home. The order in which provides training – in ascending order. Workout 1 easy and perfect for…

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Workout program on the treadmill – Cardio. Guide-guide for beginners

The training program on a treadmill

Duration – 5 min.

Speed 5-6. 5 km/h.

Gradient – 0 %.

Start your workout at minimum speed. After two minutes, increase the speed of 0.3 km every 30 seconds and bring it up to 5.5 km/h.

Occasionally it is posible to rise on the toes, holding the railing, then a few seconds to go on his heels. This is necesary to prepare the tibia to walking uphill.

Also, try lightly pinching the arms and upper torso.

Uniform load

Duration – 5 min.

Speed 6.5 km/h.

The slope is 1 %.

Gradually increase speed 0.3 km/h, yet to go on the run.

At this point, those who prefer walking, should reduce the speed by 1 km/h, and those who love running, – an increase of 1 km/h.

Move with the working speed for five minutes with a gradient of 1 %.

Then increase the incline to 3 % and for 5 minutes every minute increase the incline by 1% to just 8 %.

Strengthen glutes

Duration – 10 min.

Speed – working.

The slope varies.

Reduce the incline to 2 %. Walk or run with the working speed for 1-2 minutes. Then walk or run 1 minute at maximum speed and then for about 1 minute, reduce the speed of 1-2 km/h.

Repeat intervals 2 times. Increase the incline to 12% and enjoy a vigorous walk with a constant speed for 3-4 minutes. Repeat intervals and uphill.

Reduce the incline to 2 % and run or walk with the working speed of four minutes. Then lower the incline to 0 % and gradually slow down the pace to reduce the frequency of the pulse.