Stretching in the office
October 17 - news of Vladimir. We continue our regular column that will help Vladimirtsev to improve its shape. This week fitnes instructor Simon Zhdanov told me about an effective…

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Physical activity pancreatitis
It is advisable to begin physical exercise in a good mood and in between meals. There should be feelings of fatigue, breathlesnes, pain in the muscles. Types of training: yoga;…

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Workout program on the treadmill – Cardio. Guide-guide for beginners

The training program on a treadmill

Duration – 5 min.

Speed 5-6. 5 km/h.

Gradient – 0 %.

Start your workout at minimum speed. After two minutes, increase the speed of 0.3 km every 30 seconds and bring it up to 5.5 km/h.

Occasionally it is posible to rise on the toes, holding the railing, then a few seconds to go on his heels. This is necesary to prepare the tibia to walking uphill.

Also, try lightly pinching the arms and upper torso.

Uniform load

Duration – 5 min.

Speed 6.5 km/h.

The slope is 1 %.

Gradually increase speed 0.3 km/h, yet to go on the run.

At this point, those who prefer walking, should reduce the speed by 1 km/h, and those who love running, – an increase of 1 km/h.

Move with the working speed for five minutes with a gradient of 1 %.

Then increase the incline to 3 % and for 5 minutes every minute increase the incline by 1% to just 8 %.

Strengthen glutes

Duration – 10 min.

Speed – working.

The slope varies.

Reduce the incline to 2 %. Walk or run with the working speed for 1-2 minutes. Then walk or run 1 minute at maximum speed and then for about 1 minute, reduce the speed of 1-2 km/h.

Repeat intervals 2 times. Increase the incline to 12% and enjoy a vigorous walk with a constant speed for 3-4 minutes. Repeat intervals and uphill.

Reduce the incline to 2 % and run or walk with the working speed of four minutes. Then lower the incline to 0 % and gradually slow down the pace to reduce the frequency of the pulse.

Nordic walking
Recently become increasingly popular Nordic walking (walking in the fresh air with the use of special sticks). It is believed that this kind of walk is more effective than traditional…


Fitnes and an active lifestyle - the key to physical health
Scientists are sounding the alarm, as the number of people with obesity in the modern world is beginning to reach dangerous levels. According to scientists, today more than 60% of…

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