The core of sunflower seeds for sprouting from the company the Yoga club Agonda, ID 759643

The sunflower kernel are characterized by many useful comments for improving the health of modern man. In the first place – it’s their biological value, which is much higher compared to the popular protein products like meat and eggs. Sunflower kernels on the content of vitamin D is superior to fish oil. And it is radiant and clear skin, strong and shiny hair, strong teeth, nails and bones.

The core of sunflower seeds contain large amounts of amino acids, such as palmitic, Archidona, linoleic, oleic and stearic acids, hold down fat metabolism of the body, give the body to age prematurely, to accumulate

exces cholesterol and protect him from serious illneses: heart attack and atherosclerosis. To protect our body from negative effects of free radicals and strengthen our vision, in addition to positively influence the reproductive sphere, will give the opportunity contained in sunflower seeds in a large amount of vitamins a and E.

You need to use the beneficial properties of sunflower kernels, which are given us by nature, for the effective care of our health. It should be noted that all good seed is the raw sunflower kernels. Some of its beneficial properties they lose fried. And if you keep them cleaned on store shelves in bags, there is the ultimate los of useful properties, they are able to even harm it.

To improve your health without the use of special diets, it is necesary to use yard sunflower seeds raw. You can improve the ventilation of the lungs gastrointestinal tract, to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, with just one handful of these beautiful seeds. Disappear acne will become strong and shiny your hair, due to the fact that nuclei contain a large number of trace elements, especially zinc. You need to remember about calcium, which is contained in the kernels of sunflower seeds on the same level as it contains sour cream and yogurt.