Exercise equipment for the home treadmill, to buy and to choose from, prices in
Welcome to the store of trainers and treadmills. Our store has been operating since 2002 and we are the experts on treadmills. We sell treadmills over the Internet, carried out the…

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Union Fitnes. Union Fitnes is an elite fitnes center. Wellnes centers - Beauty and health
The directory organizations Kolomna Union Fitnes. Union Fitnes is an elite fitnes center. Services (Club card "BASIC"): Keeping things in the safe at the club reception The posible suspension of…

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The proposal is inactive or has expired its validity

Need a quick and effective way to lose weight, get rid of cellulite and improve the shape of the legs? Indoor Cycling aerobics is the best option for You in this case!

Cycle – Cycling-aerobics. Very emotional and energy-intensive activity, which is an imitation of Cycling at different speeds and different load. Have You try a number of exciting routes: the race on the highway, uphill, over rough terrain, through sand, with different hand positions and posture while sitting and standing. Led aerobics is divided into different levels of difficulty, and also has its own direction and the features we will find

You, given Your physical training.

If by diet you can not reduce weight, when doing indoor Cycling aerobics, You can burn up to 600 calories in just 30 minutes! Your muscles will gain elasticity and topography. And most importantly – You are guaranteed a good mood!

Come to the first free leson, and get a subscription to hall cycle aerobics, thereafter, with 20% discount. Become the owner of a beautiful and slim figure! Pedal to good use!

The fitnes club Helios You can visit absolutely free trial leson on cycle aerobics and purchase a subscription for any period with a nice 20% discount! !

Current offer – before the hot summer!

Within the action, You can attend a trial leson on the cycle aerobics for FREE and to purchase a subscription for any period on these clases with 20% discount .