The training gear sanlam

Cycle-aerobics ( spinning) — the type of fitnes. combining aerobic exercise and weight training. In fact it is training in the gym on the complex simulators. but in an environment of beautiful natural scenery. Spinning interesting and effective. Creates a feeling of running in the woods or Park. psychologically such training transferred much easier. A spinning clas will help get rid of extra pounds and strengthen various muscle groups. However lazy on cycle aerobics and nothing to do! Even the entry level cycle-aerobics gives a very large load.

One of the key elements of cycle-aerobics — a special exercise bike. Before clas, the instructor explains. what to do with the system of gear change and adjustment training. The position of the body at the time of

exercise can greatly vary. because of this, in turn train all the muscles and increasing presures.

What is fitnes without beautiful sportswear! No woman would agree to do in the old sports uniform — in the mood for a workout created good gear. Whether it’s a Jogging suit. form yoga. kit for aerobics — athletic apparel must be chosen with regard to the planned physical activity I. of course. the wishes of athletes! Women’s Jersey today you can choose in a variety of options — from the simplest costumes to ultra modern. profesional and even promote weight los and maintain results of your workout.

Returning to the spinning. to its important advantages are the lack of shots. are other varieties of aerobics and running. This is a guarantee of protection for the joints and knees. Clases indoor Cycling aerobics. as a General rule. group. However. to talk to each other you will not succeed. since the training will be to absorb all the attention and require concentration on the words of the instructor.

This type of fitnes has contraindications: heart disease. veins of the lower extremities. In the presence of such diagnoses should consult a doctor.