Useful tips

Ubtan is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for skin cleansing 3 in 1. It replaces soap, scrub, mask, and even shampoo; can be used every day morning and evening. This herbal powder, using different recipes you can make with your own hands. It gently cleans without removing the skin’s natural oils and moisture, and at the same time nourishes, heals.

To treat the teeth without doctors or the useful properties of clay

In the medicine Cabinet in the drugs of first necesity must include the clay. Useful properties of clay are very diverse. About external use of

clay in cosmetic centers heard everything. About the treatment of diseases (tumors, etc.) with a clay poultice also heard many. But on the clay about dental drug heard one. The principle effects of the same clay – clay is a powerful natural absorbent and antiseptic. Whatever happened with your teeth – periodontal, caries, enamel sensitivity, tumor, etc. – to treat the teeth without doctors is quite posible with clay.

How to make toothpaste

There are many great recipes homemade toothpastes without fluoride and other harmful additives. To make a toothpaste your own hands, you can use any of the following home recipes toothpaste and tooth powder .

Indian henna

Indian henna has long and justly considered one of the most effective therapeutic cosmetics, not to mention her remarkable ability to change their hair color.