Preparation for competitions staged by striking technique, blackout kick – Tolyatti – Other

1. Prepare for competitions in martial arts, and where there is a need to study the shock technique, put knockout blow. It can be Boxing, kick-Boxing, martial arts, any kind of contact karate, mixed martial arts, etc.

Clases are conducted individually, in pairs or in a group training program is developed for a specific request.

• Techniques and tactics of the battle,
• to develop accuracy in vital and dangerous places of pain points,

• life and power speed endurance,

• coordination in battle,

• work at different distances and the ability to feel the distance and the time to strike,

• withdrawal from the line of battle, the ability at the right time to get in and out of combat,

• the advance of the enemy, the ability to impose their fight, not allowing the enemy to work and think during the battle,

• various feints and tricks in combat, unconventional method of warfare,

• fight southpaw and fight with a southpaw

• how to resist the enemy, superior in physical strength,

• various ligaments and 4 methods of warfare,

• special psychological preparation, setup for the fight.

2. Help to make your body strong, healthy and beautiful, without the aid of chemical additives.

Using specially designed equipment, including psychological. Help to keep your body healthy and beautiful for years to come, give the formula of eternal youth and health, how to eat and what should be the mode to be always cheerful and live on a constant rise of their life