Quitting Smoking will help the sport

Children of school age to smoke is not only here but also overseas. The researchers decided to conduct a special study to find out what impact can have on smokers adolescent regular exercise clases.

The study involved more than two hundred children from schools of West Virginia. Students from the selected group smoked quite a lot and intensively: on a weekday they could smoke ten cigarettes a day, and on weekends and holidays the whole pack. The results are pleasantly surprised scientists. Regular workout in just 20 minutes a day could significantly reduce the craving to Smoking in adolescents who began Smoking much les. A half-hour sports is prompted people to quit Smoking.

The researchers admitted that they can not yet give a clear explanation for this phenomenon as it is not quite clear what exactly is the relationship between craving for tobacco Smoking and physical activity. Scientists have suggested that Smoking cesation promotes the release of endorphins, the so-called “hormones of happines”, which occurs following intensive sports training. You can also suggest a certain psychological attitude, which get students involved in sports. Accustomed to the workouts, and, consequently, to leading a healthy lifestyle, and continue on to destroy their health with cigarettes simply stupid.

Despite the fact that the test sample included only adolescent students, scientists are more than sure that sport and exercise can help get rid of harmful habit of Smoking and adults.