Increased endurance – sports nutrition Herbalife 24.

Now athletes can easily achieve the best results. after all, in the Rusian market already has sports nutrition Herbalife 24 – improved performance.

To be succesful during prolonged training and racing when intense burning calories, all athletes know how important diet.

Company Herbalife has developed a pioneering formula for effective power that athletes can use to recharge during the permanent loads.

Increased endurance is isotonic protein-carbohydrate drink improves

endurance performance during prolonged physical exertion.

Drink Herbalife 24 — Increased endurance suitable for all athletes involved in intense sports activities:





figure skating

and other types

Sports nutrition can be used by athletes 24 hours a day, since the development of these products was taken into account all the needs of athletes:

TO. DURING and AFTER workouts

The composition of the drink Increased endurance

The key to achieving great results in sports is the saving of fuel that the athlete’s body holds in reserve. This fuel called glycogen.

Drink stamina supplies the body with carbohydrates, which are used as energy in the first place, and the body does not consume your limited supply of glycogen.

Therefore, a protein-carbohydrate drink contains :

a whopping 48 grams of carbohydrates per serving

Moreover, the principle, the more the better – does not work here. Only a certain kind and the right amount of carbohydrates make the product truly unique with 100% efficiency.

The composition of the drink contains 2 types of source of carbohydrates.This:

Maltodextrin, consisting of many glucose molecules, which are rapidly converted into energy

Slowly fisile fructose

These carbohydrates work together, providing a rapid supply of energy for working muscles and therefore athletes enjoying a drink is always good indicators exercise endurance.

Moreover, the composition of the drink included:

810 mg of electrolytes per serving

highly purified whey protein isolate — to prevent the destruction of muscle tisue

vitamin — for good metabolism

100% daily value of vitamin C — to prevent the destruction of cells by free radicals

224 kcal with a pleasant taste